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look at me :-)

my picture land

This is a very nice view, if you ask me, it could be the best place, beautiful view. It is nicer than India or San Fransisco I had visited. I am so proud of Cambodia. It locates at the Northwest province, Pailin. I took it during my annual meeting at Bamboo Guest House. Don’t you believe my colleagues created a cool word for that place “BAMBOO IS MY LIFE”. Sounds so funny lolz……
In the meanwhile, I would like to advertise a little bit “If you have time to visit Pailin, Don’t forget  to spend a night at Bamboo Guess House. I guarantee you, best foods, nice view and esp. security.” Hey! don’t get confused, I don’t get any benefit from this ads. I just cannot ban my mouth to impress a such beautiful place!
This is the morning view, you can see the sun light brights over Bamboo, like a golden house…ahha…I hope I will have a cool time at Bamboo again.

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E-Visa entry Cambodia

This is an infomation about E-Visa status in Cambodia I just received from my friend, Leng Puthivorn, an Operation Officer of East West Travel Co., Ltd. I would like to inform you that E-Visa is available for you came to . You or your friend could apply E-Visa through website http://www.mfaic.gov.kh prior arrival in .
Below it just my special notice while meeting at the Ministry of Foreign Affair & International Cooperation but you could see more detail in the above website:

At the moment, Government approved to have 2 arrival points and 5 exit point for E-Visa as follow:

1.Arrival Points:

  • Phnom Penh International Airport
  • Siem Reap

2.Exit Points:

  • Phnom Penh International Airport
  • Siem Reap
  • Poi Pet
  • Bavet
  • Koh Kong


  • Original passport for at least 6 months validity (Machine Readable Passport)
  • Digital passport photo (JPEG/PNG format, size: 5x5cm, Image file size less than 102kb, Image file format: JPG/PNG only)
  • Credit card (VISA/Master Card only)
  • Visa fee @ USD 25.00 per passport (Visa $20 + Processing fee$5)
  • Visa processing time: 3 working days

Processing Flow:

  • Travel agent or traveler apply online for visa or group visa and pay by credit card
  • Print E-Visa for traveler

Children: Allow maximum 3 children under 12 years old in same passport of parent
Refund: No visa fee can be refunded in any case after complete submitted (Including case of visa was rejected)
Type of E-Visa: At the moment, the government offer Tourist E-Visa only with valid for three months and length of stay 30 days, 1 entry.
Visa extension: E-Visa can be made extension for 1 month same as Sticker Visa.
Please note that sticker visa still available at up on arrival as usual thus you or your friend could have a choice for the visa to .

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my LAZY day :-o

I got up so late so latthe way M lazye in the morning. Actually, I woke up since 6:00 am, but I was still sleepy and felt tire. That mad me love my bed. I stayed in bed till almost 7:30 am. I could have gotten up early to help my mom washing up. I heard the voice of the dishes crash to each other " pes pes". Mom was doing dishes hehe…It's actually is my rush hour, I took a bath, brushed my teeth and put on dress so quickly, because my working time is 7:30 am and it takes me 10-15mn to get there; but if there is a traffic jam, I spend 30mn. I'm very tired of this rush hour. I spent almost 4 hours in the morning with my code "converting HTML file " hmmm..It's still have some problem with ' encodinKhmer noodleg' . There was a sound "beng!beng!" 12:00 o'clock, I got to go home because my brother had just messaged to come to have Num Bagnchok. My mom did it alone, I guess,because no body home. After finishing a full bowl I added one small bowl of pumpkin dessert…Ah…so full…feeling sleepy again. I set my alarm to 1:00 pm, because I need to go back to work at 1:15 pm, but again I woke up at 1:25 am hehe…"wow! I have a small talk with my colleague about what TODO in my development team so what can I do?…Just washed my face, and drove like thunder bird…then I was not too late. In the evening, I got to repair my cousin's computer. Spending one hour with this, the power was cut off…Thank GOD…I was in a hurry to go back home. Oh… my aunt gave me dry fish and NEM for my grand pa. I had Nom Bagnchok again for my dinner. After that watching TV, having a bath….went to bed. What my Lazy day it is!

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Ice cream is my favourite

Staying in Idia, but could not forget my Ice cream

Open very big mouth hehe…lolz..

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TECH PARK in India


High Tech building in Bangalore, India

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My happy-go-lucky childhood

Hey, I don't remember well how old I was at that time. If I'm not wrong, probably lesser than 10 years old. Look at it back and forth, I sometimes really want to go back to the past. Everybody looked happy without any sorrow. How a lovely sibling!

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Linux Professional Institute

From 07.-11. November until 05.-09. December 2005, I got trained on Linux Professional Institute (LPI) 101 from Open Forum of Cambodia. This is a kind of Capacity building of KhmerOS staff on Linux Administrator. This course concentrated on Command Line other than Graphical Interface and not focus on any distro.However, we used SuSE10 in the training lab.
After this training, we all took a formal LPI 101 exam on 14 Jan 2006 at Internet Plaza, NiDA.
I got 540 score, after all.

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Python is my daily food.

Why does I mentions “Python is my daily food”?
 Python is a kind of powerful language programming. I, personally, love it very much because it is easier than others I’ve ever learned such as C, C++… It’s a cross platform software which normally built in Linux System while on Windows you need to install python2.4. With another software – py2exe- you can compile to executable file (*.exe) for Windows.
Well, I just started using Python since 15 March, 2005 in the learning process with three teammates, Keo Sophon, San Titvirak, Seth Chanratha and  a professional German teacher, Jens Herden. We started with porting code from formal ex-program limon2unicode.exe and abc2unicode.exe that can be run only on Windows. Then we started with a new logical structure of conversion and end up with legacy2unicode which works on both plateform ( Linux and Windows) which  can be found on KhmerOs sourceforge. Visit http://www.khmeros.info for more infomation.
  After playing around with python code, I found it is even more easy and powerful. It has a very nice documentation and also a tutor mailing list.

Does anyone want to taste my delicious python? Come on, then 🙂

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For Rent

We have a very nice, quiet, big house for foreigner, organization, company to rent in an affordable price.
Location: #335, Tagnov Village, Niroth Commune, MeanChey District, Phnom Penh.
Please call: 012 843431 for detail information


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Everyday used- Idioms

on a first-name basis : Quite familiar and friendly

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